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Dragoncon SciFi Literature
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10th-Aug-2011 12:39 pm - Costume prop assistance needed: LotS
dragoncon are we there yet
 My friends are planning to cosplay Richard and MordSith!Kahlan from Legend of the Seeker (for Dragon*Con), as shown in the picture I have included below the cut.  They are looking for help with the collar and chain.  Anyone here have any ideas?  Thanks!  

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30th-Jun-2010 11:18 pm - Bookswap again!
rar, clog
Join the SF and Fantasy Literature Track at DragonCon for another bookswap. Bring books you don't want and trade for books you don't have. Currently scheduled for Monday morning. Come one, come all!
blue light lines by sun_star_n_moon
For those of you attending this year's Dragoncon, I've just read on the Dragoncon Yahoogroups list that the Baymont hotel has been sold and that the new owners are not honoring any reservations already made for Dragoncon this year. Good luck on finding a new hotel! Do check the hotel listings at the D*C site itself, of course.
19th-Jul-2009 10:11 am - Book Swap! Book Swap!
cats, books
The Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature Track will be hosting an Early Bird Book Swap on Friday afternoon at Dragoncon. Bring your old books, ones you'll never read again, ones you'd like to introduce others to and take home something you've been looking for, or just something that piques your fancy/

Join us in the Hyatt on Friday!!!
28th-Jun-2009 10:30 am - Still looking for odd objects
rar, clog
Still looking for odd objects for the Xenoarcheologist Road Show at DragonCon. Anything at all that could have an actual use will be well received. Please contact me if you have something. I don't need to have it before the con; bringing it to the convention would be fine.
27th-Jun-2009 12:52 pm - Gauging interest
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Trying to gauge interest (and participation) in a possible panel at Dragoncon on current military influences on sf.


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10th-Jun-2009 08:24 pm - Call for panelists
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Looking for Lois Bujold fans to be on panels. Especially one on whether her fantasies or her sf are better.

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7th-Jun-2009 09:23 am - Looking for odd objects
Calling for odd looking objects to be brought to DragonCon and used in the Xenoarcheologist's road show. In this panel, our intrepid future/alien archeologists will be looking at objects from today and discerning what they might have been used for.

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28th-Apr-2009 09:21 pm - Calling all medical personnel
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who may be attending DragonCon this year.

Once again, I'm having a medicine in sf panel called "Is There A Doctor in the Story?" I'd like to focus on the future of medicine and what sf gets right and wrong. If anyone would like to participate, please contact me either here or at scififantasy@dragoncon.org.


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Reverse the Polarity by mutantjedibauer
On a whim, I checked the Marriott Marquis site, and of course the D*C code doesn't work. However, when I put in a request for one room for two adults for 9/3/09 to 9/7/09, I found a package deal for $215 per night. It's called the World of Coca-Cola package, and it includes breakfast for 2 adults and 2 children, comp. parking, 4 VIP tickets to the Coca-Cola exhibit. I didn't go any further in the reservation process, but hurried here to let folks know about it. Sure, and it's not $170 a night, but it looks like a deal. :)

(NOTE: either this package has been removed from the site, or it is no longer valid for those dates.)
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